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U 571 – Design and Build of self propelled submarine used for filming
Start Date
Finish Date
Project Value
Dino De Laurentis Production Company
€ 1,200,000
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Malta has hosted a number of important productions over the years and our company was offering a wide range of services to the international film industry.  For that reason, we had established a company namely Bastions Productions Limited, which was a pioneer in offering services to several production companies.

Malta’s Film Production Studios at the time managed to secure the production of U 571 film, produced by one of the most famous Italian production companies.  Following several negotiations with Messrs. De Laurentis’ team, we managed to secure a very prestigious job, that of designing and building a self propelled submarine which would also submerge up to a certain depth.

It tooks us nearly 8 months to fabricate and finish the submarine.  We were also entrusted to fabricate miniature versions of the same submarine that was used for filming.

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