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Enemalta plc – Tender for the Dismantling and Demolition of Marsa Power Station
Start Date
Finish Date
Project Value
Enemalta plc
€ 6,500,000

This is one of the most important projects carried out by our Group on a national level. Following several years of news related to the closure of Marsa Power Station, our Company Salv. Bezzina & Sons Ltd was the main contractor winning an international call for tenders. The project was of national importance given the environmental impact of the project and the extensive coverage given by the local media on this project.

Ironically, our Company founder Salvatore Bezzina, together with his sons Anthony and Victor were the main contractors setting up the Marsa Power Station way back in the 1960/70s. They had effectively dismantled the power plant in the UK and eventually assembled and commissioned it in Malta.

This dismantling project involved the removal of circa 18,000 tons of steel, aluminium and other material, the excavation of circa 300,000m3 of in earth waste and the disposal of several tons of contaminated and hazardous waste generated by the same Power Station in Marsa. Several high steel structures were carefully dispatched and carted away following a rigorous waste separation process. To cover this process Bezzina Group abided by the strictest of standards and necessary permits.

The most prominent landmarks from this power plant were the removal of 3 in number 45-meter concrete chimneys and the removal of 1 in number 75-meter steel chimney, which had originally been erected by our Company way back in 1985. The iconic 90-meter concrete chimney had to be demolished in one whole. This operation was the first one of its kind in Malta and it was aired live on national TV as the local government’s main promise to shift to greener energy. The whole process was a complete success, and this project is marked as one of our main achievements as a Group.

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