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Malta Freeport Terminal Ltd – Erection and Maintenance of Freeport Equipment
Start Date
Finish Date
Project Value
Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd.
€ 6,000,000

Between 1995 and 2005, Malta Freeport Terminals Limited invested heavily in port related equipment and machinery. Our company was engaged to carry out several engineering and construction works during the same period.

In the beginning we were commissioned to erect 13 Rubber Tired Gantries (RTGs) and 6 Quay Cranes (QCs). Given the size of the project entrusted to us, the Group had decided to buy a 400-ton crane that would support the required works and complete our fleet. At the time, the crane was the largest of its sort in in Malta.

During these years, Malta Freeport entrusted us with the maintenance and repairs of the same and this because we had extensive knowledge in this sector. Some of the repairs (which included mechanical and electrical overhauls, blasting and painting) were carried out at a yard within the Terminal. This required the shifting of quay side rails from the jetty to the working area at the yard and the towing of quay side cranes using our heavy trucks.

Over more recent years larger vessels started calling at Malta Freeport who in turn continued to invest in its terminal. An international tendering call was issued for the revamping and upgrade of the quay side cranes. Our company was successful in getting this tender, together with OMG of Italy. The tender involved the revamp of 2 quay side cranes by increasing the height of the cranes by 6 meters and increasing the height of the boom by another 6 meters. This operation was engineered and certified complete by the original designers of the crane and was carried out to the satisfaction of the client. This kind of intervention to a quay side crane had never been done before internationally and we pride ourselves of the great job done on this project. We had done similar jobs though in Italy, Spain, and Algeria.

Recently Malta Freeport Terminals Limited decided to purchase readily erected quay side cranes from ZPMC of China and we were involved in all the commissioning of this machinery. This also paved the way for the removal of the original quay side cranes, which were then dismantled and carted away by our company.

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